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chitty day


A quality companion for commiserating in the crappiest of times.

Plumbing the depths of a day gone bad? Was your alarm this morning more like the first trumpet of the apocalypse? Chitty Day Chardonnay was made for just such an occasion – break it out, pour a glass and watch your mood morph from cantankerous to carefree with each sip.

get outta my way

cabernet sauvignon

A nice pour for the impatient, and those who crave the nerve to take what they deserve.

Everyone’s patience runs out at some point, but your supply of Get Outta My Way Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t have to. It’s the shot in the arm you need to be your assertive self, shove your way to the front and claim what’s yours, whether it’s that big promotion or a ticket at the meat counter.

yes, no, maybe so


Great to grab from the rack when wracked with indecision.

“Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?” That’s a song by The Lovin’ Spoonful (if memory serves) from the 1960s (we’re reasonably certain). At any rate, it really applies to Yes, No, Maybe So Merlot, which can bring clarity to indecision and confusion, probably.

feeling blah

pinot noir

Perfect for coping with malaise on nasty days.

Life can be hard. But when buckling under the proverbial weight of the world, you can always count on that one chipper friend to try to cheer you up. Boy, is that annoying, or what? Pour a glass of Feeling Blah Pinot Noir and break the malaise on your own terms.

how do you feel?