A Kick in Your Glass

A bottle of 20-year-old Château De-Fancy-Place-In-France doesn’t go great with sweatpants. Stella’s new crew, on the other hand, is here for you no matter what you’re going through.

Introducing Whine’s black label selections – the wines with character you’ve been waiting for. They’re fun, priced right, make great gifts and are currently hangin’ with Stella, our wine cella, and probably getting strange looks from the more sophisticated bottles.

Talk to your server or any other Whine staff to purchase these selections by the bottle or by the glass.

A Match for Any Mood


The Backstory

Before there was Whine (the restaurant), there was Whine (the wine). A few bottles of it, at least. The idea was a brand that skips the formalities and gets straight to the fun – what makes wine such a great match for life’s ups and downs – no sniffing or swirling necessary. Chitty Day Chardonnay and the other early selections were such a hit that we decided to capture that same spirit with Whine (the restaurant). Now, at last, the wines that started it all are here for you to enjoy. We’ll call them fashionably late.